Logan's Roadhouse Regional Spot

I had the chance to work on my 2D animation skills on this project with the team over at Fivestone Studios. There were roughly 10 different lockups that I designed and then we picked a few of them to animate and lay into the piece. On the end piece I had the joy of building in a particle system that would help the animation blend into the video bed it had of a fire grill. Sparks and smoke were built using Trapcode Particular. I then used Mocha to track the camera shots and lay in some steam for the potatoes, rolls, and asparagus. This was a really fun and quick project that got me moving out of my normal comfort zone with 3D and back to the basics with some fundamental 2D animation. 


Client: Logan's Roadhouse

Executive Creative Director: Traylor Woodall

Creative Director: Kyle Jones

Director of Production: Brian Altman

Producer: Sara Towne

Designer/Animator/FX: Jake Wegesin

Production Artist: Taylor Schomp

Line Producer: April Kimbrell

Director: Jeff Steinborn

Editor: Jason Lyons

Copywriters: Bill Owens, Coe Douglas

Color Correction: Storyville Post

Audio Mixing/SFX: Digital Audio Post

VO Studio: CO3