Pocher Models

A short spot highlighting highly detailed car models. Shot practically using a blend of mapping and CGI to generate intricate patterns and reflections. 

Strange & Wonderful™ 2015. All Rights Reserved.

At Strange & Wonderful, Will Hyde came up with an idea to push table top shoots to another level. He wanted to build a box of monitors to place objects in a live video environment. After my experience working with projection mapping, I was very excited to jump on this opportunity to bring this idea to life. Working with a TV, two LG Ultrawide monitors, and a large monitor in the back, we were able to build a box that had pixels extending wall to wall, floor to ceiling. After building out the templates in After Effects and Cinema 4D, I worked towards making the video splits display in sync on all of the monitors. The finished product was a mix of clean and simple design, computer animation, and seamless technology. Take a look at the video above and the behind the scenes below. 

Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde

Technical Director / Animator: Jake Wegesin

Lead 3D Artist: Jason Diaz

Designer/Animator: Austin Hochstatter

Editor/Camera Op: Ryan Hills