HP InStore Display

HP In Store Loop

This video was a creative collaboration between Strange & Wonderful and the Creature Agency. The finished product is a loop that will play on various screens inside of HP stores. Being on the animation team, we were given a multitude of assets that were shot on green screens to key out, animate, and rebuild into scenes. Certain shots also called for replacement of the product by match moving in 3D, color replacement, or full 3D animation. The end piece is a dynamic, stylized, and unique piece that was an engaging video to work on. 


Strange & Wonderful™ 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Client: Hewlett-Packard

Agency: Creature

Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Creative Director: Will Hyde

Producer: Tricia Chatterton-Goldrick

Editior: Doron Dor

Animators: Ashraf Meer, Olin Padilla, Jake Wegesin

3D Lead: Jake Wegesin