Line of Sight

A second video for ODESZA's song "Line of Sight". Following the war story of a boy and the robot he finds along his way. 

Nearly a year and a half after working on the music video for "It's Only", Odesza returned to World Famous to work on another music video for a song on a new album. This video had a fairly direct story that aimed to focus on parts of war lesser seen - the civilians. Bringing this sci-fi war torn vision to life would take a lot of work in a very short amount of time. Working with the incredible VFX team at World Famous, I was able to help bring the vision to life. I worked on multiple aspects of the process along the way, including the concept art for the tank and robot, matte paintings, pyro simulation, particle dynamics, modeling, shading, lighting, and compositing. 


The end result is total immersion in an alien war while managing to keep the focus on the story of a refugee boy trying to escape. working on a devoted team of multidisciplinary artists, we were able to deliver a video we all took pride in on a tight timeline. 

Below is a video put together by the team at World Famous detailing some of the production work and behind the scenes that went into making this video. 


Director: Daniel Brown
Executive Producer: Matt Ackerman
Production Company: UNHEARD/OF unheardof.tv
Line Producer: Angela Tillson
Director of Photography: Joel Voelker
1st Asst. Camera: Coty James
Post Production Company: World Famous
Boy: Sage Weigang
Robot: Niklas Bardor

Alan Nay: President, Founder
Casey Steele: Head of Production
Nick Pezzillo: Editor
Rogelio Salinas: VFX Creative Director
Juan Arenas: Art Director and Pre-visualization
Jacob Shroades: 2d/3d Animation and Compositor
Jake Wegesin: Houdini Artist, 3D, Compositor
Cody Cobb: 2d/3d Animation and Compositor
Charlie Bartlett: 2d/3d Animation and Compositor
Emma Frost: Jr. Designer/Animator
Kalin Fields: Jr. 3d Animator
Champ Ensminger: Assistant Editor
Joel Voelker: Colorist
Steiner Kierce: Producer