Glass Vodka

The perfect mariage of practical and CGI to create flowing shapes and light highlighting the release of a vodka brand, Glass.

This was an experimental piece I worked on while freelancing at Strange & Wonderful. The premise was to repurpose the monitor box used on a previous piece to fit a new subject and add a new environment. I spent the time to reconfigure the set up, rebuild the After Effects template, and set up a similar system focused on a vertical product. While I was working on getting the setup built and ready for shooting, our director, Will Hyde, was shooting slow motion footage of water pours and splashes that could be fed back into the animation template. Everything you see in the video, with the exception of the end lockup, was shot completely in camera with no post production. Using this method, we are able to get complex reflection and refraction in a live video environment with much less time and more accuracy than doing a full CG piece. 


Strange & Wonderful™ 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Studio: Strange & Wonderful

Creative Director: Will Hyde

Technical Director: Jake Wegesin

Editor: Ryan Hills

Animator: Jake Wegesin