Caesars Palace Projection Mapping

A large scale projection mapping on Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas for the yearly CinemaCon conference. 

For this project, I was tasked with creating a high-energy abstract finale piece to end the projection show. I developed style frames and a progression for the piece. I also animated the piece with extra help from Zach Gunter. Below are some of my original style frame designs pitched to the client.


Studio: Fivestone Studios

Client: Barco

Production Company: DWP Live

Executive Creative Director: Traylor Woodall

Executive Producer: Brian Altman

Producer: Sara Towne

Sound Design/Scoring: Carson Carr

Design & Animation: Kyle Jones, Kevin Harkness, Carson Carr, Mark Walczak, Zach Gunter, Jake Wegesin, Taylor Schomp, Caresse Haaser

Executive Production Producers: Danny Whetsone and Rick Boot

Lead Pandora Artist: Ben Ryle

Pandora Support: Clay Tipton

Projectionist: Justin Carlson